Naturopathic Medicine (NM) is a holistic system of care that treats the whole person and focuses on natural therapies.  NM draws its roots from ancient healing wisdom and merges it with modern diagnostic and technological techniques to provide an unparalleled level of care.  Most methods are minimally invasive and often act on multiple levels to heal physically, mentally or emotionally.  NDs receive broad based medical training from nationally recognized accredited colleges in preventative and primary care treatments for acute and chronic illnesses.


Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

First do no harm.

– We take precautions to ensure treatments are safe and minimally invasive.

Use the healing power of nature.

– We use natural methods to engage the body’s own healing ability.

Treat the whole person.

– We create treatment plans that address the body as a whole, not separate pieces.

Identify and treat the cause.

– We seek to find the underlying cause of symptoms to provide more permanent health solutions.

The Doctor is a Teacher.

– We provide our patients with the knowledge needed to make educated healthcare decisions.

Prevention is key.

– We focus on preventing disease and improving overall wellness.


Philosophy of Care:

At Evergreen Natural Medicine, our mission is to provide high quality, individualized healthcare based on each patient’s personal needs.  Our practitioners are dedicated to providing safe and sustainable natural therapies to gently guide patients through their healing process.  By combining traditional natural therapies with the latest nutritional, botanical, diagnostic techniques, and pharmaceutical options, every patient is given a customized plan to address their unique needs and health goals.  Our physicians follow naturopathic philosophies that focus on treating the whole person with compassion and understanding, while applying evidence-based knowledge to create solid, viable healthcare solutions.


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